Journey of 'Love and Warmth'

Founded in 1999, Tanboer established a business philosophy centered around "love and warmth." This philosophy emphasizes a familial culture that promotes love for employees and warmth for consumers, along with the pursuit of mutually beneficial development with partners and the harmonious growth of enterprises, employees, and society.The core of Tanboer's product positioning is scenario-based functional apparel. It strives for the rationality of sports, outdoor, and commuting scenarios in terms of function while pursuing a style that is simple yet not outdated, aiming to achieve "the reconciliation of functionality and design." With a commitment to sustainable development, Tanboer provides products that encourage the harmonious coexistence of the times, life, and people, aspiring to achieve "the reconciliation of nature, life, and people."Tanboer has consistently demonstrated precise and demanding craftsmanship, maintaining a leading position in both product design and material technology within the industry. Working diligently to realize a fulfilling lifestyle and create high-quality scenes of rest and relaxation, Tanboer remains dedicated to its mission.

Comfort and Innovation

Tanboer meticulously selects premium materials from around the world, combining state-of-the-art 3D technology with 5.0 anti-drilling down technology to create luxurious down jackets. Complying with the North American Standard, European Standard, and Japanese Standard, Tanboer offers a range of filling power options from 650+ to 1000+. Our product line features unique innovations such as the Intelligent Position Luminous Down Jacket, Visual Intelligent Temperature Control Down Jacket, and Seamless Ultra Waterproof Outdoor Down Jacket.

Commitment to Quality

Tanboer prides itself on its commitment to quality and sustainability, reflected in the array of certifications it has achieved. Among these certifications are ISO9001, ensuring stringent quality management practices, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances in its products. Furthermore, Tanboer adheres to the Responsible Down Standard, ensuring ethical sourcing of down feathers, and the Global Recycled Standard, emphasizing its dedication to environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, Tanboer holds certification from the International Down and Feather Bureau, underscoring its adherence to industry standards and best practices in down and feather processing.

Beyond Boundaries

The collaboration across borders brings spaceflight culture to life through design language, infusing products with elements like classic spacesuit details and special fabrics. As the pioneering clothing brand venturing into the space industry, Tanboer introduces a groundbreaking space collection, honoring the remarkable achievement of CASC spaceflight in exploring the back side of the moon for all humanity. This cross-border partnership seeks to disseminate space culture widely, fostering the spirit of space exploration on a grand scale, and encouraging a dynamic fusion of fashion and technology for an exciting and impactful result.

Championing Athletic Excellence

In our role as a dedicated sponsor for the 24th Olympic Winter Games, Tanboer takes great pride in enhancing the experience for volunteers through the provision of high-quality down jackets. This contribution exemplifies our unwavering commitment to supporting sports activities and underscores our broader mission to promote the well-being and enthusiasm associated with the Olympic Games. We believe in fostering a community where health, spirit, and the values of the Olympics thrive, and we are honored to play a part in this extraordinary event.